Thousand Oceans

Water… Water… Everywhere…. But not a drop to MURDER!

The name of the planet now simply called the Thousand Oceans is lost to antiquity, its residents simply referring to it by its most prominent feature, a near endless number of seas and bodies of water that surround and permeate the few spotted land masses. A world, ravaged by an insane god, the great centers of civilization are each isolated unto each other. Held at a distance by vast expanses of water, dangerous oceanic monsters and their own greed, the nations of the world leave themselves open to attack from without.


The Thousand Oceans has another distinguishing feature, it has three moons and two orbiting suns. Wizards study the effects the moons have on the world and can even draw power from these moons. The moons are the red moon Thazibruk, which is volcanic and has strong affiliation with the underworld and fire, the blue moon Losinia, is the strongest in tune with the tides and is therefore affiliated with the water and specifically the Oceans, and the green moon Valinul, the ethereal moon, which seems to be enshrouded by a constant mist, and seems to govern the mists and the fog.

Thousand Oceans

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