The Sovereign Republic of Carceri, affectionately known as the Crimson Isle, and sometimes called “the Underworld of the Ocean” by travelers.

Blog-Zvezda-8801_11-03-07.jpgFloating in the tumultuous seas of the Thousand Oceans, Carceri is best known for being the place where Undead walk freely amongst the populous. The island has become a haven for all manner of undead, especially neutral and good aligned persons gifted with the exanimated condition by any means. Undeath is viewed as a condition similar to lycanthropy, but more respected as the deities of the land hold undeath in their portfolios.

Situated in the Arcane Circle group in the Northern Seas, Carceri and its dependent island (name) bind seven oceans between its four neighboring island groups: Nilchitso Keyah to the east, The Isles of Mist to the south, Bron and the Spires to the south east, and distant They to the west.

Carceri ~ The Dead Walk Away