The Oath Maker, Prime Sorcerer, He Who Strides the Planes, the Blood God, Guardian of Volition, Font of Will

Sarish.jpg Sarish is the first son of Neroth and Beltine and the younger brother of Larissa, known as the Font of Will among the people of Carceri. Sarish was initially a mortal man despite his divine heritage, but prior to the Madness
was approached by a devil that was an enemy of his Father and Uncle and the fiend offered to make the offspring of Life and Death more powerful than his entire family. Initially seduced by the the offer but not willing to do anything to harm his divine family, Sarish proceeded to spin a contractual negotiation with the devil that transferred all of the fiend’s arcane power to Sarish. Sarish then slew the creature to terminate the contract, retaining the energy of the devil and becoming the Prime Sorcerer.

Exact workings of the deal are secret to all save Sarish, but when the Sorcerer shared the experience with his divine family he stressed the one condition he could not dissuade the devil from: when Sarish dies, his soul and every other soul tied to the Cauldron would descend to the lowest circle of Hell and form a portal through which foulest archdevils could freely enter the realm of the Gods. Aghast at the idea that his son had made such a deal but hands tied to punish him, Neroth and Beltine devised “The Gift.” Beltine severed her son’s connection to the Cauldron of Souls, so that if the Sorcerer should die, the vitae inside could not be used to make the bridge. Neroth then bound Sarish’s soul inside his son’s body preventing the former mortal from perishing from old age. After everything was done, Neroth and Beltine had created the first Undead and, with his newfound immortality, Sarish finally became a God like the rest of his family.

Because of his expert dealings with the nameless devil, Sarish now also governs over oaths and contracts. It is said that Sarish will hear an oath taken in His name and if broken, the transgressors will be cursed. Whether or not this is an old wives tales is unsure. What is known is that those contracts “bound” by a val’Mehan or priest of Sarish certainly do invoke a curse upon any that would break the agreement.

Source: Original Creation, elements taken from Arcanis god of same name
Pantheon: Carceri
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Sarishan Dagger, a silver dagger cooled in the blood of the wielder. Sarish’s personal dagger is called “Oathmaker”
Symbol: A golden disk inscribed with an arcane circle, specifically Sarish’s arcane mark
Sacred Animals: Stag
Sacred Colors: Purple and Gold
Domains: Arcane, Blood, Chaos, Deception, Education, Family, Good, Knowledge, Law, Language, Legislation, Magic, Portal, Rites, Rune, Self-Realization, Thievery, Trade, Travel, Trickery, Wards
Inquisitions: Clandestine, Conversion, Excommunication, Fervor, Final Rest, Heresy, Imprisonment, Redemption, Reformation, Revelation, Secrets
Mysteries: Lore, Occult, Spellscar
Blessings: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Rune, Travel, Trickery

Worship of Sarish

Sarish’s clergy were in great demand during the Madness, helping to stem the tide of Infernal incursion, as well as gaining a few new servants. Priests of Sarish tend to be quite charming and eloquent, contrary to what would be expected of those who have frequent interaction with Infernals. They tend not to be very aggressive, letting those whose natures are brash and impulsive take the lead. But they are always there, whispering in the right ear or saying just the right words to achieve a desired result.


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