Secret Societies

Factions and secret societies

The setting also has secret societies, which are factions who have beliefs and goals that occasionally aid or impede the mission of players. Each faction varies in its goals as well as how secret each faction is. Many secret societies exist in the world, though a good number of them are restricted to non-player characters to start. The following secret societies have been open to player characters in the campaign from the beginning:

Skull and Cauldron ~ A small clandestine sect of the faith of Beltine and Neroth, in charge of sheparding and culling undead.
The Dawns’ Early Light~ Sun worshipers who seek to illuminate the shadows of the world.
Ford College ~ Archaeologists and adventurers who seek to discover anything and everything about the history of the Thousand Oceans, especially from the Madness and before.
The Followers of the Azure Way ~ They wish to restore mankind to new glory by establishing a united Second Imperium of Man, without the Gods’ influence.
Guild of Morticians ~ Oldest guild in Carceri, older profession than prostitution, holders of the secrets of the dead.
The Unions ~ A collective bargaining group compromised of a confederacy of advacacy groups, including orcs, undead, halflings, and (secretly) kobolds.
The Orc Council ~ The refugees of Nilchitso Keyah’s shores, the council maintains the Orcish traditions while guiding their people in the deserts outside of society.
They ~ Island of renegades and anarchists, pirates and demagogues, “Their Island” has no formal name. The inhabitants devote themselves to being a group of outsiders from rest of the Mad world, as they see it.
Leverage Consolidations Incorporated ~ Not so thinly veiled group of professional thieves and rogues.
The Dodecahedron ~ Society of prophets, priests, and laypeople who wish to promote the worship of the Twelve.
Holy Order of the Pillars ~ Society of clerics and paladins devoted to four virtues of The Elemental Council.

In addition, sometimes secret orders are issued to specific nationalities, sides in war, family groups, or other subgroups.

Secret Societies

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