The Lords of Men

St. Cuthbert

St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel, The Wise Fool, The Saint Among Us

St. Cuthbert is one of the older deities of the united Pantheon, but the Wise Fool did not start his existence as a diety. Aeons before the Madness, Cuthbert was a paladin of good and law, spending the majority of his time wandering the country side, righting wrongs and aiding the general population. Cuthbert, as he was known, was commonly mistaken for a beggar due to hi ooor pe


The Brawler, Stormlord

Kord (pronounced KORD) is the God of storms.


The Master Sailor, The Unmoving Eye, Anchor

Valkur (pronounced val-KURR) is a demipower deity of sailors, ships, favorable winds and naval combat. Valkur’s philosophy puts him in conflict with the thousands of capricious ocean gods and goddesses.

Valkur’s dogma emphasises living life with vigor and striving against the elements.

The Kord and Valkurian churches celebrate the relationship between the Stormlord and the Anchor. He gets along well with Kord, the two churches engaged in a friendly rivalry just as Kord tries to knock Valkur down and Valkur tries to keep his feet.

The Lords of Men

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