The Shield Land, The Paladin Kingdom

The Kingdom of Bron in the Northern Ocean and His Commonwealth across the Seas

Bron is the land of heroes: chances are, if you run into someone claiming to be either a wrong-righted or a paladin that they either came from Bron or were inspired by their philosophy. The Kingdom of Bron is ruled by King Alan, an adventurer himself in his younger days, who has dedicated to ruling by example after the disastrous rule of his grandfather, Baldric the Violent, during the Madness.

The mountainous regions of Bron are home to the majority of the dwarven population of the Arcane circle and most dwarves in the Arcane Circle are of Bronish stock, black hair and olive to medium brown skin with hereditary vitiligo infrequent but more common than in the neighboring humans. Bronish Dwarves are excellent miners and crafters like most of their kin, however they have an uncharacteristic affinity for shipbuilding which their allies on the human Kingdom of Bron have made great use of.

Motto = He who does not walk against the arrows cannot talk about the strength of his shield!
Region = Northern Ocean, The Arcane Circle
Rulers = Alan Curtrois I, called the Troubadour, son of Baldrric the Violent (Baldrich Curtrois IV)
Government = Feudalistic Monarchy
Established = 357 PM (Prior the Madness)
Capital = Sheffield Palace, in the city of Tenh motto and crest: N/A
Major towns = Waverly
Provinces = The Shield Lands, The Spires
Resources = iron, copper, horses, grain, silk, paper, silver
Coinage = Soveriegns
Population = Humans 32%, Dwarves 28%, Gnomes 20%, Halflings 8%, Half-Elves 7%, and Other 4%
Races = Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half-Elves, and Other
Languages = Common and Dwarvish
Alignments = LG
Allies = Their Rebel forces in many battles against tyranny,
Enemies = They on principle of their anarchic state and piracy,


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