The Digger, Little God, Child of the Grail

Indiana-Jones.jpg Once a mere mortal, Ford ascended to godhood after drinking from the cup of immortality following his valiant fight against the fascist followers of the Order in the First Cataclysm. In his life and his godhood thereafter, Ford is the epitome of the rugged adventurer.

His faith spread like wildfire as an alternative to most of the organized religions on the planet, however it never seemed to garner much popularity, Ford’s deeds as a mortal being far too much larger than life to be believable by most. Only those who regularly seemed to cheat death recognized the temerity of his acts and his influence on the world since, explaining why adventurers and circus performers seem to flock to his faith. Although his love of historical artifacts does endear him to many sages and hunters of lore.

Ford is usually depicted as a slightly weather-worn middle-aged man with handsome features and a smug smile. His signature weapon is the whip, which represents his ability to get out of dangerous situations with unorthodox solutions. Ford’s priests are almost all men, though many women respect the god of adventure, and admire his charm.

Source: Indiana Jones, but adapted from E.N.Arsenal – Whip by Ryan Nock
Pantheon: Minor Gods
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Whip
Symbol: Grail encircled by a wrapped whip
Sacred Animals: Dog
Sacred Colors: Brown and White
Portfolio: Adventure, Danger, and Rugged Manliness
Domains: Ancestors, Chaos, Charm, Competition, Earth, Education, Exploration, Good, Heroism, Honor, Hubris, Jungle, Knowledge, Language, Legend, Liberation, Luck, Martyr, Memory, Resolve, Restoration, Revelation, Rites, Rune, Self-Realization, Thievery, Travel, Whimsy
Inquisitions: Black Powder, Clandestine, Conversion, Excommunication, Fervor, Persistence, Recovery, Redemption, Reformation, Restoration, Revelation, Secrets, Spellkiller, Truth, Valor, Zeal
Mysteries: Ancestor, Bones, Intrigue, Lore, Occult, Streets, Whimsy
Blessings: Chaos, Charm, Good, Knowledge, Luck, Travel, Trickery

Worship of Ford

He has little in the way of organized clergy, as most of his priests are adventurers themselves. These priests occasionally team up with groups of traditional travelers or adventurers, lending their insight and assistance. Priests of Ford are knowledgeable about many kinds of hidden lore and lost treasures, and they are mandated by their god to keep such items from falling into the hands of those who would use them for evil.

He is worshipped by archaeologists, circus performers, bards, paladins, rogues, treasure-hunters, & lunatics.


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