The Might of the Sun

Illir, was the Ceoriiani patron god of Emperors and Order, sun god and head of the pantheon of Man. Now the covenant forged between the first emperor of Ceoriian and the god Illir has been broken; not by the hand of man, but by Illir himself. When the Mad God approached Illir with the promise to make Illir’s beloved humans the sole race of his new world, the bigoted sun deity was fast to ally with anarchic forces. In an unexpected sign of defiance, the remaining gods of the Ceoriiani pantheon rebelled against their leader and joined the Resistance of Order.

When the Mad God was banished, the scattered pantheons came together and formed the Twelve, an overarching pantheon that could sit in judgment over the betrayers. For his crimes received several punishments: Illir’s domains were stripped from him and delivered to members of the Twelve; Illir’s descendants were branded as Infernals and transformed into Teiflings; and Illir’s Godhead was sealed away, never to shine again.

When Illir’s domains were taken from him, the Sun domain passed on to Saerenrae and Lathander, and the Royalty domain passed on to the Raven Queen. The Ceoriiani pantheon also cast Illir out, his elder brother Neroth taking over as leader and the Twelve renaming their nation as the Carceri Deum, The Prison That Would Hold a God, or Carceri for short. Because of this, many believe that Illir is sealed away beneath the Arcane Circle, possibly with the other minions of the Mad God.


Carceri ~ The Dead Walk Away DrowinMJ