Skull and Cauldron

Skull and cauldron


A golden blazon skull over a sickly green cauldron. Worn on clerical vestments.

Background, Goals, and Dreams

A small clandestine sect of the faith of Beltine and Neroth.

Enemies and Allies

The skull and the Cauldron’s members are the enemies by choice of evil intelligent undead, evil necromancers, and overzealous undead slayers.


Members are usually clergy of either Beltine or Neroth, with the Beltinians mostly concerned with destroying evil undead and the Nerothians with the healing and converting of evil undead.





Titles, Benefits, and Duties

Executive Powers: Beatify, Plague, Terrorize


Character level +1/2 levels
Can cast arcane or divine spells +1
Can cast 5th level or higher spells +3
Noble title +2
Lives or owns property in Carceri +1
Recruits a new member into the affiliation +1
Makes a discovery important to the affiliation +2
Defeats a violent enemy of the affiliation in combat (CR equal to or greater than the PC) +1/4 the creature’s CR
Lacks the ability to cast a spell -4
Allies with evil necromancer -4
Works with members of St. Cuthbert’s clergy -4


3 or lower Acolyte: no benefits.
4-10 Devotee: You are gifted with a spectral guide. This ghost can functions as a permanent unseen servant with an increased carrying weight of 40 lbs, can speak one language, and has a 15 fly speed. It can turn from visible to invisible.
11-20 Warner: Four of your Gifted Souls are welcomed into the Fold, an elite honor guard. They replace any previous templates with the Undead template. (EL 8) The entourage of undeath now following you makes most people uneasy around you, imposing a -10 to diplomacy checks against indifferent or hostile members of enemy affiliations.
21-29 Revenant: Your spectral guide is blessed with the return of its memories by the heads of your order. Three times per day you may use your guide’s council to grant you a +6 insight bonus on any Appraise, Linguistics, Knowledge, Sense Motive, or Use Magic Device check. He instructs you to spread Neroth’s Gift to one worthy being per month or reduce affiliation score by 1.
30 or higher Gift Giver: Your four members of the Fold are further blessed by Neroth, being accepted as true Soulbearers. Neroth forges their souls into a weapon befitting their service and returns it to them. They replace their previous templates and gain the Soulbearer template. Conversely you could choose to gain two additional members of the Fold instead. (EL 12) Bearing ones soul can be jarring, so the Gift Giver must succeed on a difficult Diplomacy check once per month to calm them or be forced to face them as they are driven insane. (El up to 12)

Skull and Cauldron

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