The Dawns' Early Light



A flag with a black field, a centralized, golden, horizontal stripe, and topped by a purple field.

Background, Goals, and Dreams

Sun worshipers seeking to point out the shadows of life.

The Dawn’s Early Light are a misogynistic, human advocacy group based on a faith that Lathander is the true inheritor of Illir’s title as the god of the sun and therefore the only deity worth worship. Despite this, the group is heavily anti-theistic towards the other divinities, espousing the superiority of the human spirit in the face of the adversity brought about by daily life. All magic, both divine and arcane, are forbidden to members of the order and magical items must be handed over if seized to be disenchanted or destroyed if necessary.

In this belief, they encourage a disciplined life of rigorous physical and mental training. Intellect is equal with brawn in their view, and a prince only worth as much as the finest farmer, your value comes from what you can produce for the good of humanity.

Enemies and Allies

Due to the vehement antitheological bent, the Dawn’s Early Light is viewed with suspicion by many of the religious orders in The Thousand Oceans, but specifically viewed with distrust by members of the Holy Order of the Pillars, the Skull, the Cauldron, and the Dodecahedron.
Members of Nihhicho have accused several high level members of the Dawn’s Early Light of human supremacist actions against the orc tribes, but none of the DEL members have ever faced charges.

The Dawns' Early Light

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