The Passion Goddesses


The Blindfolded Smile, Fatespinner, and Mistress of Forbidden Pleasures

Up until the latter years of the First Imperium, Larissa was only known as the Oracle of the Gods. Her divining powers were used during the God’s War to track down the Other’s minions as well as blunting several sneak attacks by It.

Always appearing as a shy, demure maiden, she was tasked with the codification of the history of Man. Before his fall to the temptations of The Mad God, Illiir asked each Deity under his charge to bestow a gift that would give Mankind assistance in the years to come.

Larissa, with Althares’ help, created the Crypt of Memories below Her temple in the First City. The Crypt is a labyrinth that winds its way in a random fashion, with the entire history of Mankind written upon its walls. The history is in no particular order and it is said that one will only find the passages one was meant to see. Stories abound of meeting people from different eras of history as well as strange robed curators that will not speak and only guide if willed by Her.

Not satisfied with knowing only the past, Larissa extended her divinatory powers to their limits, seeking to pierce the veil of the far future. She awoke from Her trance screaming in fear, unable to communicate coherently what She saw.

Larissa began to immerse Herself in the pleasures of the senses, hoping to forget what terrible sights She witnessed. Her clergy in turn followed suit, becoming hedonists and sensates to the extreme. No pleasure or excess was too great for this sect, and soon this formerly austere group became renowned for their wild revelries.

Larissa’s clergy tend to be very seductive and pleasure-seeking in attitude and quite immodest in their choice of attire. This is not to say that they are non-functioning hedonists incapable of coherent acts. They usually seek pleasure in moderation while outside the temples and religious festivals, only indulging in uninhibited behavior on the High Holy Days or while visiting Sweet Savonna.


The Savored Sting, The Lady in the Room, and The Unquenchable Fire

Calistria is not only vengeful, but vindictive when she has been wronged by another; she will take her time returning such disfavor, maneuvering in order to attain the best position from which to savor her retribution. Her trysts are well documented and often near legendary, though conflicting sources result in difficulty should one attempt to discern those tales based in truth from those that are nothing more than fantasy.

The followers of the Lady in the Room fulfill varied roles wherever they are encountered, anything from spy to prostitute and beyond, but always in support of their goddesses' mercurial nature. Such individuals deal in trickery and mischief, encounters of the flesh and knowledge that is both secret or dangerous, and the pursuit of these goals can often lead these faithful to wander the world in order to achieve them.


The Ivory Beauty, Lady of Simmering Ambition, and The Whisper in Bronze

Fallendra is normally depicted as either a humanoid woman in red, with long silvery grey hair and wearing an ivory mask. Her holy symbol is a feminine ivory mask with a single rune engraved on the forehead. Gnomes depict her as one of their own rather than as a human, featuring long eyebrows and metallic wire hair. When in her clockwork form, she is said to draw perfect mechanical objects that she either releases into the world as independent constructs or gifts to others.

The Passion Goddesses

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